No Deposit Bonuses

We have gathered the most compelling no deposit bonuses available on South Africa Casinos Online. Just register and start gambling!

Thunderbolt Casino Thunderbolt Casino

R10.000 + R300 No Deposit Bonus

Desert Nights Casino Desert Nights Casino

R25.500+ R100 No Deposit Bonus

Springbok Casino Springbok Casino

R11.500 Bonus + R250 No Deposit Bonus

Silver Sands Casino Silver Sands Casino

R8.888 + R200 No Deposit Bonus

How Does No Deposit Bonuses Work? 

A no-deposit bonus is a way that gambling platforms can convince you to choose them. This offer does not want you to pay any deposits or spend a penny to earn casino bonuses. You can get all your casino bonuses, deposit-free. This is also why players call it “free-bonus.”

No-deposit bonuses bring advantages, not only to the gamblers but it also brings benefits to the casino. When you create your account with an online casino and choose the no-deposit bonus option, you receive free money. But you cannot withdraw it right away, and that’s the catch. The basic and major rule about the no-deposit bonus is that you have to play with the free money you receive with wagering requirements. This bonus is an amazing deal for every gambler, but it’ll only work for them if they play successfully with it in the future.

2020 no-deposit bonuses are very attractive and allow new players to experience gambling for free. With no-deposit bonus options, you can try and do whatever an online casino has to offer without using your own money. You can play real money in a casino and enjoy the experience, something that every gambler must try, and a no-deposit bonus allows you to do that safely.

Why Does The No-Deposit Bonus Offer Even Exist?

Of course, this is a casino we are talking about and not charity. So, they would, of course, not give away free money to so many users. The fact is that this offer is as beneficial to the casinos as it is to the users.

For the casinos, this offer attracts thousands of customers. With some amount of bonus money, they can invite many new customers, ultimately benefitting the casino.

For a customer, they can do the same. For free, they can try many casinos and all of their features and games.

Pros and Cons of No Deposit Bonuses

 You may wonder what disadvantage can free money or bonuses bring? Everything has pros and cons, even a free bonus.


The first thing is that it is free money. You don’t have to deposit any amount to get this. You only have to register with the casino and select the bonus option.

Most of the casinos offer a lot of money for the bonus. So, you can get a good amount of free money and explore gambling without any risk. This money gives you an idea and lets you experience the casino world. You can find many casinos who give this offer and experience all of them.


As attractive as it sounds, it is free money that you cannot withdraw. Casinos offer this amount as a welcome bonus. It is just a small amount with which you can experience the casino and gambling. Some casinos provide this free bonus for a few hours, while others just let you use it for a few spins.

Not all casinos offer this kind of bonus. Often, good casinos don’t offer a free bonus, and customers, then divert towards the casinos that do, hence missing out on the great casinos.

The last con of this free bonus is that you have to play and win to withdraw real money.

How Do You Make The Most Use of No Deposit Bonuses?

You need to work and gather some money out of the free bonus so you can withdraw it.

Remember the following points to make the most use of your free bonus:

  • Read the rules

Before you sign up for a casino offering free money, make sure that you read the rules to know what you are getting into. You should know every rule; otherwise, you are setting yourself up against unknown odds.

See if the casino you are signing up for is providing open and clear information or not. If the information is not visible to you, write to them to learn about it. If the casino denies the offering of information, then you should probably not sign up for it.

  • Bonus balance vs. play-through

When signing up for a no-deposit offer, don’t choose the requirements with the lowest wagering. Instead, choose the casino that provides the most benefits on the no-deposit bonus. The benefits will depend on how much money the casino is offering and how much you will deposit.

  • Play 100% bets that are payable

If you are planning to play roulette or poker, it might be a bad idea. If you want to get real money, you will have to wait for a long time or win games.

In some casinos, you will have to win five times the wagering requirements to withdraw.

Ways To Find The Perfect Online Casino With a No-Deposit Bonus

Many casinos want to gain customers, which is why every other casino offers a no-deposit bonus. So, which one is the best?

Trustworthy Casino

The first aspect to keep in mind is that you need to find a trustworthy casino. Find their credibility and reviews. Remember these points if you want to know whether a casino is credible:

  • It provides open and clear rules and has made them public.
  • The casino has notable and legitimate certificates from the companies.
  • It has an international license.
  • It provides a safe connection.
  • It provides good support.
  • People have good reviews about it.

The Casino Must Take ZAR

This might sound a little out of context, but if a casino does not support ZAR, you can lose money on your withdrawal.

If you do not want to lose money, it is better to choose a casino that supports ZAR over a casino that does not.

Pick A Casino With Solid Rules

You have to know every rule when you are playing a game at the casino. Before signing up, read the rules completely and carefully. Go for the casino that has more lenient rules for the players. Otherwise, at times, you might face difficulty when withdrawing money.

Some casinos provide such complicated rules, making it difficult to understand and even more difficult to recover the bonus. Avoid such casinos and go for the one that has set their rules in clear language.

Try Many Before Settling On One

The major benefit that no-deposit bonus offer is that you can experience a casino without risking your own money. In that way, you can experience multiple casinos at once. This way, the only thing you have to lose is a little time.

So, try multiple casinos before settling on the perfect one.